This page contains a list of document required to be submitted related to TONNAGE Requirement

Ship Construction File / Review Report (Ship Construction File)
Existing (VOLUME I), includes:
- Particulars of the type and main dimensions of the ship, building year, building yard, freeboard, stability documentation and details of the anchor equipment
- General Arrangement
- Capacity Plan
- Hydrostatic Curves
- Midship Section
- Scantling Plan
- Decks
- Transverse Bulkheads
VOLUME II, includes:
- Longitudinal Section
- Ice Strengthening
- Bulkheads
- Bottom Structures
- Engine and boiler seatings
- Stem and stern post, and rudder
- Hatchways (Hatchways Construction and hatch Covers)
- Longitudinal Strength
- Material
- Weld Joints
- Lashing and Stowage Devices
- Substructures
- Closing Conditions (ICLL possible)
- Watertight integrity
- Intact stability
- Damage Stability
- Structural Fire Protection
- Special req