This page contains a list of document required to be submitted related to Classification Requirement

Stability Booklet Review Report
Existing (VOLUME I), includes:
- Particulars of the type and main dimensions of the ship, building year, building yard, freeboard, stability documentation and details of the anchor equipment
- Particulars of the type, output and main data, building year and manufacturer of the main engine(s) and of the auxiliary machinery essential for operational safety, the electrical installations, the inert gas system, the automatic/remote-control system, the safety arrangements, the steering gear and the windlasses
- General Arrangement
- Capacity Plan
- Hydrostatic Curves
- Loading Manual, where required.
- Midship Section
- Scantling Plan
- Decks
- Shell Expansion
- Transverse Bulkheads
- Rudder and Rudder Stock
- Machinery Arrangement
- Intermediate, Thrust and Screw Shafts
- Propeller
- Main Engines, Propulsion Gears and Clutch Systems (or Manufacturer make,model and rating information)
- For Steam Turbine Vessels, Main Boilers, Superheaters and Economisers (or Manufacturer make, model and rating information) and Steam Piping
- Bilge and Ballast Piping Diagram
- Wiring Diagram
- Steering Gear Systems Piping and Arrangements and Steering Gear Manufacturer make and model information
- Torsional vibration calculations for vessels less than two (2) years old, torsional vibration calculations are to be submitted.
- Additional requirements for vessels with ice class notation: plans for flexible couplings and/or torque limiting shafting devices in the propulsion line shafting (or manufacturer make, model and rating information) are to be submitted.
- Additional plans required for oil tankers: pumping arrangement at the forward and after ends and drainage of cofferdams and pump rooms are to be submitted.
- Additional plans required for Ro-ro ship: Operating and Maintenance Manual (OMM), if required

- Additional plans required for unattended machinery space notation:
o   Instrument and Alarm List
o   List of Automatic Safety Functions (e.g. slowdowns, shutdowns, etc.)
o   Fire Alarm System
o   Function Testing Plan

VOLUME II, includes:
- Longitudinal Section
- Ice Strengthening
- Bulkheads
- Bottom Structures
- Engine and boiler seatings
- Stem and stern post, and rudder
- Hatchways (Hatchways Construction and hatch Covers)
- Longitudinal Strength
- Material
- Weld Joints
- Lashing and Stowage Devices
- Substructures
- Closing Conditions (ICLL possible)
- Watertight integrity
- Intact stability
- Damage Stability
- Structural Fire Protection
VOLUME III, includes:
- Internal Combustion Engines and Air Compressors
- Turbomachinery / Steam Turbines
- Turbomachinery / Gas Turbines and Exhaust Gas Turbochargers
Main Shafting
Gears, Coupling
Steam Boilers
Thermal Oil Systems
Pressure Vessels
Oil Burners and Oil Firing Equipment
Storage of Liquid Fuels, Lubricating, Hydraulic and Thermal Oils as well as Oily Residues
Piping Systems, Valves, Fittings and Pumps
Fire Protection and Fire Extinguishing Equipment
Machinery For Ships With Ice Classes
Steering Gears, Rudder Propeller Units, Lateral Thrust Units, Windlasses, Winches, Hydraulic Control Systems, Fire Door Control Systems and Stabilizers
Special Requirements for Tankers
Torsional Vibrations
Spare Parts
VOLUME IV, includes:
? Power-supply equipment, includes:
- Electrical plant, power generating and distribution (general layout drawing)
- Generators, UPS units, batteries with maintenance schedule, transformers
- Spaces with an explosion hazard with details of installed equipment
- Short-circuit calculation, where total generators output > 500 kVA
- Electrical power balance (main and emergency supply)
- Protection coordination study with all values > 3000 kVA
- Main switchgear
- Emergency switchgear
- Main distribution boards
- Refrigerating installation: switchgear, monitoring, control and design
- Main cableways
- Main cableways for medium-voltage systems
- Bulkhead/deck penetrations A 6 0
- Cable layout/-list
? Manoeuvring equipment, includes:
- Steering gear drive and control systems
- Rudder propeller and lateral thrust system
- Controllable pitch propeller system
? Lighting, includes:
- Lighting arrangement
- Emergency lighting arrangement
- Additional emergency lighting arrangement and facilities
- Electric operated LLL-system
? Starting, control and monitoring equipment, includes:
- Monitoring systems for machinery
- Safety devices/safety systems for machinery
- Electrical starting arrangements for auxiliary and main engines
- Controls and adjustments for essential equipment/drive installations
- Ballast water treatment system
? Ship's safety devices, includes:
- General alarm systems
- Technical officer's alarm system
- Navigation and signalling lights, power supply and monitoring system
- Fire detection and alarm systems
- CO2 alarm system
- Watertight doors operating and position monitoring system
- Fire doors operating and position monitoring system
- Control and monitoring systems for shell doors, gates and Ro/Ro decks
- Emergency shut-off facilities
- Tank level indicators, alarms, shutoff facilities
- Gas detector systems
- Inert gas system
- Fixed water-based local application fire-fighting systems (FWBLAFFS)
- Water ingress detection system
? Communication systems, includes:
- Public address system
- Important intercommuncation systems
? Computer systems, includes:
- System configuration
- Software version
? Electrical propulsion plants, includes:
- Propulsion motors
- Static converters
- Control, adjustment, monitoring
- Functional description for Class Notation RP ..%
- FMEA for Class Notation RP ..%
- Trial program
? Medium voltage installations, includes:
- Trial program for switchgears