Arisudono Soerono - President Director

Arisudono Soerono holds a degree in Chemical Engineering from the Bandung Institute of Technology (1988-1994). However, even though he studied engineering, Ari's career throughout his journey is currently more focused on the financial sector.
He began his career as a Management Associate at Citibank (1994-1995), then shifted focus by becoming a consultant at Accenture (1995-1998). After leaving Accenture, he took a master's degree at the London Business School for 2 years, and continued to become Associate – European Mergers & Acquisitions, Investment Banking Credit Suisse for 1 year. Subsequently became EVP Strategy and Investments Cardig International (2001 – 2005).
Structural positions began with being Finance Director of PT Pangansari Utama (2005-2009), Deputy CEO at PT Cardig Aero Services Tbk (CAS Group), Finance Director of Blue Bird during (2012-2013), Finance Director of Indonesia Infrastructure Finance (IIF). After serving 3 years as finance director, Ari was then promoted to become President Director of the government's arm of the government's infrastructure project financing agency, until 2018. Then he joined Paiton Energy for 10 months to become Country Head of Vena Energy (2019-2020) and thereafter became the Company's CEO Asset Manager (PPA). Ari was then entrusted to lead Danareksa as the Main Director which will become the holding company for PPA as well as 15 other companies. Currently, Arisudono Soerono has been entrusted with the role of President Director of PT Biro Klasifikasi Indonesia (Persero) and leads the SOE Survey Services Holding based on the Decree of the Minister of BUMN number SK-288/MBU/12/2022 dated 13 December 2022.

Rozainbahri Noor - Director of Resource Development

Rozainbahri Noor was born in Jakarta, 22 September 1983. He graduated from a diploma program at KKI College of Victoria (Australia International Academy), then took a strata program at Swinburne Academy, and then a master's program at the Australian National University. Prior to serving as Director of Resources and Business Development of PT SUCOFINDO (Persero), his career began at PT. Shell Indonesia, as HR Analyst, HR Policy Benefit, ER/IR, and Processed Lead, Pay Policy & Benchmarking (Asia Pacific), and lastly as Country HR Manager. During that time he has received three awards, given by the Royal Dutch Shell EVP HR Award. Served as Director of BKI Resources Development based on the Decree of the Minister of SOE number: SK-226/MBU/06/2021 dated July 2, 2021.

R Benny Susanto - Director of Operation

Rochmat Benny Susanto was born in Jakarta on December 7, 1966. He graduated from Trisakti University with a bachelor's degree in petroleum engineering and began his career at PT Surveyor Indonesia. He has held several positions at PT Surveyor Indonesia, including as Head of the Palembang Branch (2010–2012), Head of the Business Unit for Safety Certification Systems and General Services (2013–2015), Head of the Oil and Gas Division and Generating Systems (2016–2020), Head of Sector Oil and Gas and Power Systems (2018–2020), and Leader of KSO VPTI SCISI (2020–2021). Rochmat Benny Susanto previously held the position of Senior Vice President of Operations at PT Surveyor Indonesia before being appointed as the Director of Operations at PT Biro Klasifikasi Indonesia (Persero) based on the decision of the Minister of BUMN as GMS No. SK-234/MBU/10/2022 dated October 21, 2022.

Sinung Triwulandari - Director of Finance, Aministration and Risk Mangement

Born in Semarang on March 23, 1971, Sinung Triwulandari graduated from the Muhammadiyah University majoring in Electrical and completed his Masters in Informatics at the University of Abertay Dundee, England. Started his career at PT PLN (Persero) since 1994 and has held several positions including as Deputy Manager of the Commercial Sub-Sector (2010-2011), Kotabumi Branch Manager (2011-2013), Metro Area Manager (2012-2013), Director of Operations at PT Haleyora Power (2018-2022), to President Director of PT Haleyora Power (2022-2023). Currently Sinung Triwulandari was appointed as the Director of Finance, Administration and Risk Management of PT Biro Klasifikasi Indonesia (Persero) based on the decision of the Minister of BUMN as GMS No: SK-177/MBU/07/2023 dated 4 July 2023.

​​​​​​​Andry Tanudjaja - Director of Institutional Relations

Andry Tanudjaja was born in Jakarta on June 8 1971. Obtained a D3 Tourism degree at the National Hotel Institute in 1994. His career path began as Vice President Marketing at PT Recapital/Rifan Financindo Berjangka (2003-2005), Vice President MF Global Pte Ltd, Singapore (2005-2008), Commissioner at PT Buana Megah Abadi Asset Management (2010-2021) Commissioner at PT Finenz Indonesia (2009-2021), President Director of PT Dhanadhipa Karya Adhika (2019-2021), Commissioner of PT BGR Logistik Indonesia (2021 -2023) and Commercial and Development Director of PT Perusahaan Dagang Indonesia (Persero) (2021-2023). Through the decision of the Minister of BUMN as RUPS No: SK-177/MBU/07/2023 dated 4 July 2023, Andry Tanudjaja was appointed as Director of Institutional Relations of PT Biro Klasifikasi Indonesia (Persero).