Biro Klasifikasi Indonesia (BKI) is the only classification entity in Indonesia that assigned to classified the Indonesia flagged ship and foreign flagged ship which regullary operated in Indonesian ocean.

The ship classification activity of BKI is the classification that based on the hull construction, enginee and ship electricity to provide an technical assessment on the feasibility of the ship to sail. Beside that, BKI also thrusted by the goverment to survey and providing statutory certification on behalf of the Indonesia goverment, such as Load Line, ISM Code and ISPS Code.

Moreover, not only classified the ship, at this time, BKI also classified the floating offshore or floating facility in the oil and gas environment. The floating offshore is including F(P)SO, FPU, MODU, MOPU, FS(R)U, FLNG, Tank Barge, Single Point Mooring, Platform, Rig, Jacket, Pipeline and other support facilities. BKI is already do the classification process for some types of floating facilities and new building, existing or convertion supporting ship, both of dual class or single class.