What is CMC?

Class Maintenance Certificate (CMC) is an official statement from BKI related to registered ship’s validity, along inquired date stated by shipowner

CMC can be issued for several inquiries. Which is accident issue, ship trading, ship scrap issue and administrative requirement fulfillment from insurances.

All information stated on CMC document contains of Ship’s Name, Register number/Contract number (in case register number have not been issued), Gross Tonnage, Class Notation and Character, Owner Name, Ship’s flag, and maintenance period. Any accident unrelated inquiries will be stated on CMC’s note below Class Notation information.

Every issued CMC will have a unique number, includes date and location of issuance, and signed by BKI Head of Survey Division.

How to request a CMC?

  1. Submission of official request letter to BKI which contain Ship’s Identification (Name and Register No.), Maintenance Period, and CMC issuance inquiries.
  2. A letter of authority from legitimate ship owner (in case of any request submitted on behalf of legal shipowner mentioned on class certificate)
  3. Officially signed accident report by Master/Captain of related vessel/towing vessel (on any pontoon CMC request)/ship which carried on evacuation operation or Official Accident Report issued by related Administration Office. Accident date and latest ship condition at the event of accident need to be stated clearly on Master’s accident report.

How CMC can be issued?

CMC can be issued where, along the requested date inquired by shipowner, class status of related ship remain valid as follows:

  • No periodical survey overdue and had not been carried out along inquired period.
  • No overdue recommendation which not been carried out along inquired period.
  • No modification/alteration have been carried out without any information to BKI until accident event happen.
  • Not violating BKI Suspension Procedure

Fees and Issuance Period of CMC

CMC issuance fee for any type of ship in general will cost about 5 million IDR, without 10% PPN tax. Fee changes will be varied from above mentioned amount if there is any special agreement between BKI and shipowner. The Issuance period will be taken maximum 10 working days, since the acceptance of request letter by Survey Division - BKI. Payment can be carried out after information payment had been issued by BKI and delivered through email.

The receipt need to be forwarded by the owner to BKI before retrieval of requested CMC and need to be submitted via email to svy@bki.co.id  


  1. BKI is not liable for any case related to misconduct usage on the issued CMC.
  2. Owner is fully responsible for any damage/loss on any third party, as a result of misuse on issued CMC.
  3. At the moment when the submitted information prior the issuance of CMC had been proved invalid after the CMC had been issued, it will automatically revoke the validity of CMC in question.  
  4. Point no. 3 also includes the situation where there is a solid proof that the vessel had been operated outside of the navigation area limit (as stated in Class Certificate) in the accident period.
  5. CMC will be corrected automatically when any mistype related to BKI issuance process occurs.