Announcement Of RUPS

PT .Biro Klasifikasi Indonesia (Persero), held Annual General Meeting of Shareholders in accordance with the Article 21 in Articles of Association of the company include:

  1. Annual report concerning the approval of RUPS ( General Meeting of Shareholders)
  2. General Meeting Of Shareholders regarding the company's Budget work plan approved


Every holding of RUPS, RUPS Treatise (Risalah RUPS) is made and signed by the Chairman of the meeting and at least 1 (one) person appointed from the shareholders and by the participants of the RUPS. Before conducting RUPS, directors will do the calling of the GENERAL MEETING OF SHAREHOLDERS (the 'invitation') is carried out by registered letter and or by advertising in newspapers, calls addressed to the shareholders, the Board of Commissioners, Board of Directors and Company Officials to attend the GENERAL MEETING OF SHAREHOLDERS ('the calling')


Calls mandatory lists the date, time, place, and show the meeting accompanied by the notification that the materials will be discussed in the GENERAL MEETING OF SHAREHOLDERS is available at the company since the date of calling the GMS until the date of AGM was held. These materials are available free of charge upon written request of the shareholders (article 82 (3), (4) the UUPT, article 23 AD, article 6 (1) Candy-owned enterprises no. 01/2011).


Agenda must set forth in detail from the beginning – since the notification to the shareholders (the Ministry of STATE-OWNED ENTERPRISES) to attend the GENERAL MEETING OF SHAREHOLDERS. Additional agendas will be accepted if: (a) proposed by the Board of Commissioners or shareholders representing at least 10 of all shares with voting rights are legitimate; (b) of the agenda has been submitted in writing to the Board of Directors at least 7 days prior to the calling of the GENERAL MEETING OF SHAREHOLDERS is published; (Article 20 (4) AD).