As company applying quality management system based on ISO 9001:2015, BKI has commitment to provide satisfaction to the customers and continuous improvement.

Company's Policy on Quality is entirely as follows: 
"Priority to the best service to all customers by highly concerning about Safety and Quality issues"

To realize such commitment, BKI has a Corporate Business Culture that is applied to all levels of the organization. BKI Business Culture is described as a sturdy building consisting of a foundation, pillars and a roof with the following explanation:

  • The foundation is interpreted as the main values that must be possessed by every BKI Individual, namely KOMPAK (KOLABORASI, KOMPETENSI, PEDULI PELANGGAN, AMANAH, KREATIF / COLLABORATION, COMPETENCE, CUSTOMER CARE, AMANAH, CREATIVE). KOMPAK (Cohesive of) BKI Individuals are a reflection of the solidity of BKI Individuals as the mental attitude that underlies how to think and behave BKI Individuals in working and working for the progress of the Company.
  • Pillars are defined as the characteristics of services produced by BKI Individuals, which must have NILAI TAMBAH, INOVATIF, CEPAT, EFISIEN / ADDITIONAL VALUES, INNOVATIVE, FAST, EFFICIENT (NICE) supported by a reliable management system.
  • The roof is interpreted as a commitment of BKI to become a BERKELANJUTAN, TERPERCAYA, BEREPUTASI / SUSTAINABLE, RELIABLE, REPUTED (JUARA) Company realized by the NICE services produced by KOMPAK BKI Individuals


BKI's Management ensure, that :

  • Quality requirement is oriented to International quality standard according to ISO 9001:2015 and fulfilment of the company's quality target attainment as well as always continuously improving quality.
  • Application of the Company's Quality System and values to all service activities
  • Responsive to the customer's/public's need and giving priority to customer's satisfaction and safety aspect.
  • All personnel are always provided with understanding about quality system through continuous training as well as application of quality system in all organization ranges.


Fulfilments of policy, procedure and work instruction is absolute and binding all employees. All BKI's employees shall be responsible for the Quality.