BKI Commercial be present as a concern for the needs of the Stake Holder in specially the Costumers. PT. BKI (Persero) which was originally only play role in the field Classification of Ships has done diiversified into the Commercial business areas. Since 1977, with business unit Testing and laboratory for inspection of ship components and material are constantly develops on activities that’s not only related with shipping (marine). However, it has developed as an independent assurance into various business sector/business that are divided 3 groups of business services; Industrial, Marine and Infrastructure & Public Services. As an independent assurance, BKI commercial always prioritize and promote high professionalism which is supported by experts from various sectors, education, and skills and experience as well as reliable and supported by a network of services in 21 branches at Indonesia.

Starting from primary act as safety and security around marine especially in ship, that’s as an independent assurance BKI Commercial can help the parties that transact (first party and second party) to provide objective data on their business conditions and infrastructure in marine, industrial and infrastructure through inspection, testing, laboratory analysis, assessment/appraisal, verification, evaluation, monitoring and certification with reference to standard / rules through various research and development by BKI.

With its role as the independent assurance, BKI Commercial also conducting QA & QC (second party) through study and survey services, mapping, consulting, project management, training, supervision and activities of labor supply to ensure business the costumers running smoothly, guaranteed, safe and still develop. At sector marine e.g. design and analysis techniques such as shipbuilding and construction consultant/operations aboard an example of that’s BKI Commercial has become the second party. It’s also occurs in the sector of Industrial, Marine and Infrastructure.

BKI Commercial in your Business Process could serve in the Pre-Investment and Design, Construction and Facility Development/Facilities, Operations/Production, Transportation and Delivery, Maintenance and Sustainability Processing.

BKI Commercial Services performed 3 business sector (Industrial, Marine, Infrastructure & Public Services) difided into 7 groups of services

1. Mapping & Survey

BKI - Commercial acts as independent assurance implement identification, mapping, logging, and inventory on your business in products, services and business processes.

2. Inspection & Audit

BKI - Commercial as a second or third party serve inspection, investigation, verification, evaluation and assessment to your business either on the form of products, services and business processes . Ascertainment Business, products, services, equipment, facilities, materials, machinery and other business processes in accordance with regulations and technical suitability.

3. Testing & Analysis

Serve Testing and Analysis services to carry out test, analysis, verification and evaluation so we assure that your business has a good quality, in accordance with the specifications, standards and regulations.

4. Monitoring and Supervision Service

BKI - Commercial as a second party or third party serve inspection, investigation, verification, evaluation and assessment of your business.

5. Consultation Service

BKI - Commercial has over 24 years experience in implementation of customer specifications, standards and regulations, so BKI trusted in guiding and assist you to fulfillment of specified conditions.

6. Certification Service

Through certification, BKI Commercial helping customers to show their commitment to product quality, regulatory requirements, environmental requirements into account, safety and occupational health, safety operations, social responsibility with national and international regulations.

7. Training & Labor Supply Services

BKI-Commercial serve Training & Labor Supply on your business will bring experts to suit your needs.



  ● Quality Management System ISO 9001 - 2008 (BSI)
  ● Inspection Company Tipe A SNI 19 -17020 (ISO/IEC 17020) KAN
  ● Testing Labotorium SNI 19-17025 (ISO/IEC 17025) KAN
  ● Welding Competency Test (BNSP) - TUK LAS



Data And Fact

  ● Established since 1 July 1964 as National Classification Agency
  ● Established more than 20 branch and 3 business strategies units
  ● Established 2 Laboratory and ready to grow
  ● Welding Competency Test (BNSP) - TUK LAS
  ● More than 250 Expert from various fields
  ● More than 150 Customer
  ● Owned 10 assosiation partnership and accreditation
  ● Dedicated in marine and industry standard development