Greed and corruption are responsible for the death of at least 56 crewmembers of the Russian freezer trawler Dalniy Vostok which sank last week off Kamchatka, Vladimir Markin, the Investigative Committee spokesman, was reported as saying by TASS news agency. 

13 people are still missing, presumed dead.  63 crewmembers were rescued from the freezing water, many suffering from hypothermia, with 7 of them in ”serious” need of medical attention. 13 orang dikabarkan masih hilang, dan diduga tewas. 6

According to TASS, Markin told Russia 1 television that there was no doubt this was an act of crime caused by the greed of the vessel’s owner and corrupt officials, saying that all of them knew that the ship’s petrol tanks contained a minimal amount of fuel, affecting the vessel’s ability to right itself. 

Markin also said that the investigators are aware that there was a number of foreigners working illegally aboard the ship, and that the trawler did not have enough lifeboats. 

Markin also said investigators established that there were not enough lifeboats on the Dalniy Vostok for over 20 crew members. 

The investigators know exactly which officials are directly responsible for the tragedy, and they will be brought to justice, Malkin was reported as saying. 


Source: 09-04-2015