The Indonesian Navy’s Western Fleet Quick Response Team (WFQR) of Tanjung Pinang Naval Base has found and arrested the product tanker Vier Harmoni off West Kalimantan, Indonesia. 

The Vier Harmoni, carrying 900,000 liters of diesel worth around USD 390,000, was reported missing on August 16, 2016, when it left the Malaysian Kuantan Port without paying a bond to the country’s authorities.

The tanker was initially believed to be hijacked by pirates.

However, later on it was revealed that the vessel was taken to international waters by its own crew, due to an internal dispute between the crew and the ship’s owner or charterer.

The Indonesian Navy deployed assets, continuously searching for the tanker, according to Edi Sucipto, the navy’s representative. 

After it was found, the Vier Harmoni was escorted to the port of Tanjung Pinang. The vessel was expected to arrive at the port in the afternoon hours of August 25, local time.