The exemption of 10 Indonesian citizens who was held hostage by Abu Sayyaf militant group got much sympathy from the public.

But behind the hostage release, it emerged a number of claims of certain parties who are struggling to free the hostages. However behind the hostage release, it emerged a number of certain parties claim who admits struggling to free the hostages.

Waiver and release of hostages was held on Sunday (05/01/2016) at around 12:15 local time in Parang Coast, Sulu, Southern Mindanao.

In note, at least three parties mentioned freeing the hostages.

First, is from Surya Paloh humanitarian team

This Nasdem Party Chairman in his release is mentioned had major role in freeing the hostages.

Media Group Deputy Chairman Rerie L. Moerdijat revealed that the hostages exemption also done by Surya Paloh humanitarian team effort, which is a synergy of educational network of Sukma Foundation (Sukma Bangsa School in Aceh) under Ahmad Baidowi and Samsul Rizall Panggabean leadership, the Media Group, Nasdem Party Faction in Parliament under Chairman Victor B Laiskodat as well as Nasdem Faction Parliament member Major General (ret) Supiadin.

The effort and exemption process was performed by Surya Paloh humanitarian team since 3 April 2016

“Negotiation to release the hostages was done by Sukma Foundation network by conducting direct dialogue with a number of community leaders, NGO’s, Sulu local humanitarian agencies who has direct access to the Abu Sayyaf, under direct coordination of Indonesian government,” said Rerie L Moerdijat in a press statement received on Monday (02/05/2016).

According to him, the exmption process itself occurred dynamically and smoothly, because the Sukma Foundation using educational approach as there is prolong existing educational cooperation between Sukma Foundation and South Moro autonomous government.

Second, a number of media also reported that Major General (ret) Kivlan Zen and colleagues mentioned as negotiator for the exemption of 10 hostages.

The exemption of 10 Indonesian citizens who were held hostage by the Abu Sayyaf group was confirmed without any ransom.

"The company does not spend a dime. No money. This is purely negotiation," said Kivlan Zen in TVOne impressions, Sunday (05/01/2016) night.

But there is no explanation of whether Kivlan Zen was representing the government in the attempt to free hostages.

Third, Jokowi government mentioned last night that the hostages release was a synergy of all government elemets.

President Joko Widodo during a press conference at the presidential palace in Bogor, West Java, on Sunday (05/01/2016) night, said the rescue of 10 crew members held hostage by the Abu Sayyaf will not be realized if there is no good cooperation between the two countries.

The President also said that his party will continue to work closely with the Government of the Philippines for the release of another four Indonesian crew members who are still being held hostage in the Philippines region.

"Right now we continue (working together) to free the four other crew members," the president said.

Parliament Commission I Vice Chairman Hanafi Rais said that the exemption of the hostages should not as if politically claimed by one of the parties.

However, Hanafi was unwilling to mention which party was in an effort to politicize the exemption.

"No need to be mentioned, so you know, someone wants to perform. To everybody, this is a matter of human lives so it should not be politicized, so we will call and ask for details," said the son of the founder of PAN Amien Rais.

The same thing was stated by the former head of the National Counter Terrorism Agency (BNPT) Ansyaad Mbai.

He regretted the claims of certain parties who feel had been struggled in the exemption of 10 Indonesian citizen hostages which now have returned to their homeland.

"I think a mistake to say only 'I'," said Ansyaad at the Presidential Palace Complex, Jakarta, Monday (05/02/2016).

Ansyaad said, the efforts to release 10 Indonesian citizens who were held hostage by Abu Sayyaf militant group is a synergy of all of the Government elements.

Ansyaad does not assess negative the claims made by a number of parties related to the release of the hostages.

Merely, said Ansyaad, the claim does not have to show who the hardest working in the exemption efforts is.

"The claim was nice, positive, only many feel have worked hard and I thought hopefully all have worked hard," said Ansyaad.

Fourth, Military commander: Thanks to the intelligence operation

Indonesian military Commander General Gatot Nurmantyo ensures that the release of 10 Indonesian citizens held hostage by Abu Sayyaf militants was owing to the intelligence operation.

Indonesian military intelligence operation made the release of 10 Indonesian citizens easy.

“There was Indonesian military inside, operation under the military intelligence operation,” Gatot said during a press conference at the presidential palace in Bogor, West Java, on Sunday (05/01/2016).

Although release due to intelligence operation, Gatot mentioned, the intelligence operation to liberate Indonesian citizen from Abu Sayyaf prioritize more on the hostage safety.

"We give priority to the safety of the hostages and this is the keywords," he said.

According to him, the Indonesian military is freeing four other citizens who were still held hostage of Abu Sayyaf militants.

“We can free the other four Indonesian citizens safely soon,” he said.

The 10 Indonesian citizens released by Abu Sayyaf were the crew member of Brahma 12 tugboat which towed the Anand 12 barge.

While the other four crew members whom still being held hostage were the crew of Henri tugboat that pulled Christi barge.

Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi explained, the Indonesian citizen exemption involved all parties. Not only inter-governmental diplomacy, the exemtion effort also includes informal networks.

“We opened all communications and networks, we opened every option with a single goal seeking exemption of our 10 citizens. Alhamdulillah thank God this attempt succeeded. Once again thank you for the prayers of all Indonesian people to the process which lasted for one month," she said. **


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