Various parties continue to preserve the sea and coast of the Seribu Islands, DKI Jakarta, one of which is by carrying out a program to expand the preservation of coral reef parks.


In maintaining marine sustainability, PT Biro Klasifikasi Indonesia (BKI) as the Holding Company for Survey Services or IDSurvey carries out this program, especially Tidung Island.


Head of BKI's Social and Environmental Responsibility Unit, Rudy Sunaryadi, said that the expansion of coral reef conservation activities is expected to reduce the impact of coral reef degradation on Tidung Island, which is already on the verge of destruction.


"So that in the future it will provide a place to live and breed for marine biota, create a protective coastal ecosystem, break down the energy of big waves, and prevent abrasion on the coast, as well as making marine resources have very high economic potential," said Rudy in his statement, Monday (24/7/2023).


He said, from this program, ecological and economic aspects could improve, but for the increase to be more significant, it was necessary to expand coral reef conservation.


According to him, coral reef transplantation has the main objective, namely to increase the success of regeneration of damaged coral reefs and speed up their recovery.


"Planting coral reefs plays an important role for the environment in the long term," said Rudy.