Jakarta, bkinews - PT Biro Klasifikasi Indonesia held the In-House Training "New Building Survey Batch I" was started Tuesday (18/8) untill Friday (21/8) in BKI Building Lt. 6. Jl Yos Sudarso 38-40 North Jakarta. One of the aim of training is to improve the capacity of surveyor PT BKI on New Ship Building.

According to Annual Report Book, the class admission of new Building has a sense that the new ships are classified into class and built with the Supervision of the Company as a Classification Board. The new ship Building classification procedure includes an approval and establishment of class notation on drawing of the hull, Machines, and arised hull. The image that has been approved by the Company as a Classification Board will be used as a reference in the Inspection of ships by surveyors and contruction by the shipyard.

The Company as a Classification Board is also responsible on NDT (radiography) Inspection according to the instruction of the Company’s surveyor Rafter the completion of the hull construction. Then an inclining test will be conducted in accordance to the Company regulation as a Classification Board.

The Company surveyor issues temporary classification ccertificates which is calid for 1 (one) year and Temporary Load Line certificate  valid for  3 (three) mounths for PGMI and 5 (five) months for ILLC. Permanent classification certificate published by the Company as a Classification Board Rafter.

However, PT BKI always continue to improve itself, to improve the quality and to be trusted by maritime stakeholders, whether shipping company, as well as institutions and enterprises of oil and gas fields offshore facility, and also the field of non classification institution