As a state-owned holding company for survey services - IDSurvey, in 2022, BKI Medan will contribute 17.5 percent of 100 percent of Sumatra's regional income. This contribution is from the BKI Medan Class which achieved 23.52 percent of the income of 100 percent of the income of the Sumatra regional class. This was conveyed by the Main Director of PT Indonesian Classification Bureau (BKI) Arisudono Soerono when inaugurating the new BKI Medan Branch office on Jalan William Iskandar, Medan City, North Sumatra (North Sumatra) on Wednesday (23/8/2023).

"For BKI Commercial Medan, it will achieve revenue of 17.35 percent of 100 percent of Sumatra's regional commercial revenue in 2022," said Arisudono. He stated that the inauguration of this new branch office is a form of BKI's commitment to increasing business effectiveness and productivity, so that it can contribute to the Indonesian economy. Arisudono also said that BKI Class and Commercial Medan has a strategic role in carrying out surveys, inspections and other service work with a fairly large working area in North Sumatra and its surroundings. "With good cooperation and a spirit of collaboration, we believe we can record good performance results too," he said.

The Head of the BKI Medan Branch, Adi Kurniawan, accompanied by the Head of the BKI Medan Commercial Branch, Abdur Rahman, explained that the BKI Office which was previously located in Belawan was no longer conducive and uncomfortable for carrying out work activities. Therefore, the presence of a new office that is more appropriate and closer to the city center is expected to improve BKI's operational performance. "With our strategic location, we can improve BKI's operational performance," said Adi. The inauguration of the new BKI Medan Branch office was marked by several symbolic events, cutting tumpeng, providing compensation to orphans, followed by a tour of the new office. The new office inauguration ceremony was also attended by IDSurvey Operations Director, R Benny Susanto, IDSurvey Deputy Director, Arief Budi Permana, as well as Branch Heads of PT Sucofindo and Surveyor Indonesia.