PT Biro Klasifikasi Indonesia (Persero) or BKI as the parent BUMN of IDSurvey Holding initiated cooperation in the field of shipping certification and resource development with PT Badak Natural Gas Liquefaction or Badak LNG.

Badak LNG itself is a limited liability company affiliated with PT Pertamina (Persero).

Through the signing of the Head of Agreement (HoA) between the Director of Operations of IDSurvey / BKI R. Benny Susanto and the Main Director of Badak LNG Gema Pahalawan which was carried out in Bali (12/07), several agreements were agreed, including in the field of cooperation in surveying BKI class ships and resource development man.

The management of BKI and Badak LNG also agreed to collaborate in joint business development which at any time can form a Joint Operation (KSO), Joint Venture (JV) or other form of cooperative entity, which combines the advantages of each so that it is beneficial for business activities currently existing and/or new business agreed upon later.