PT Biro Klasifikasi Indonesia (Persero) or BKI won an award at the 2023 GRC & Performance Excellence Award. This award was given in recognition of BKI's dedication in implementing Good Corporate Governance (GCG), Risk Management and Compliance practices. which is extraordinarily integrated, especially in the area of Risk Management.


At the awards night which took place at the Bidakara Hotel Jakarta on Wednesday evening, (30/9), BKI won the prestigious award as The Best GRC for Corporate Risk Management 2023. This award confirms BKI's role as a world-class classification company that upholds quality, safety, as well as social and environmental responsibility in maritime affairs.


The President Director of PT BKI, Ari Sudono, in judging the 2023 GRC Award, expressed the company's vision to become a world-class independent assurance and classification body. He also highlighted BKI's mission to provide the best added value for customers through international standard services, operations and research, with a focus on quality, safety and social and environmental responsibility.


Ari explained the concrete steps that had been taken by BKI in implementing GRC. In terms of governance, BKI has formulated various policies, guidelines and instruments related to GRC, including board manuals, codes of conduct, as well as procedures and instructions for implementing GCG. In terms of risk management, BKI has risk management policies and guidelines, as well as various risk assessment, handling and monitoring procedures.


IDSurvey's Senior Manager of Corporate Governance, Bonor Samuel Charles, mentioned various concrete steps that had been taken by BKI in implementing GRC. This includes GCG workshops, socialization of GCG implementation, as well as GCG self-assessment supervised by the Financial and Development Supervisory Agency (BPKP).


Bonor also highlighted the importance of implementing risk management at BKI, with an emphasis on increasing risk management assessment scores from year to year. This reflects BKI's commitment to ensuring that risks are managed effectively and continuously improved.


On the occasion of the 2023 GRC & Performance Excellence Award, BKI also succeeded in winning two other awards. Namely The Best Commissioner for Excellence 2023 and The Best CEO for GRC Excellence 2023 for President Director Arisudono.


This achievement reflects BKI's determination to continue to innovate in implementing good governance practices, effective risk management and strict compliance with regulations. The 2023 GRC & Performance Excellence Award is an appreciation for BKI's efforts in running an integrated business with world-class principles.


For information, the 2023 GRC & Performance Excellence Award carries the theme "Risk Management at the Speed of Business". This activity was attended by representatives of award-winning companies, members of the 2023 GRC & Performance Excellence Award Jury, GRC practitioners, and others.


Based on the analysis of experts and professionals in the fields of GCG, Strategic Management, Finance, Banking, Insurance, ICT, Research & Innovation who became the 2023 GRC & Performance Excellence Award Jury in the judging process, decided that these companies were considered to have implemented GRC well in accordance with the values and risk management that apply internationally.


This event, which was organized by BusinessNews Indonesia Magazine, collaborates with competent institutions in their fields such as the Open Compliance and Ethics Group (OCEG – USA) with 60 thousand members throughout the world, as well as with FMR (BUMN Risk Management Forum) with members from all BUMN and subsidiaries. BUMN, National Committee for Governance Policy (KNKG).