PT Biro Klasifikasi Indonesia (BKI) as the holding company of the BUMN Survey Services Holding or IDSurvey is committed to supporting national development and advancing the country's economy.


One way to do this is by signing a cooperation agreement between IDSurvey and the Deputy Attorney General for Civil and State Administration (JAMDATUN) on Thursday, August 10 2023 at the JW Marriott Hotel, Jakarta.



Also present at this activity was the Deputy Attorney General for Civil and State Administration, Feri Wibisono, the Main Director of IDSurvey, Arisudono, along with the IDSurvey Board of Directors.


As time goes by, transformation is needed to accelerate the growth of companies that can contribute to the country. In line with this, IDSurvey as a BUMN Survey Services Holding consisting of BKI, SUCOFINDO, Surveyor Indonesia has a strategic plan in the TIC business to create a world-class company.


The development and implementation of the IDSurvey business needs to run within the corridors of applicable legislation. Therefore, IDSurvey establishes synergy and collaboration with JAMDATUN which has the main role in carrying out preventive actions against potential violations of laws and regulations.


"IDSurvey plays an important role in ensuring the quality and quantity of goods and services in the national economy so that it acts as a stronghold of the national economy. We are also grateful for JAMDATUN's willingness to collaborate with us in providing the necessary assistance," said IDSurvey Main Director Arisudono, Friday (11/8/2023).


"In an effort to grow the company and play a role in developing the Indonesian economy, guidance is needed so that IDSurvey can carry out company activities in accordance with the applicable regulatory corridors. "Of course, IDSurvey hopes that everything it does will not deviate from applicable regulations so that business activities can run smoothly," he added.

Jamdatun Support


In his remarks, Feri Wibisono as Deputy Attorney General for Civil and State Administration Affairs, expressed his thanks for your trust.


"We will continue to maintain trust as best as possible, whatever BKI needs, we will be happy to distribute it. Therefore, the door to cooperation between institutions is needed by IDSurvey which has been determined by the Ministry of BUMN."


IDSurvey is a BUMN Survey Services Holding which was formed in 2021, which was signed by the President of the Republic of Indonesia Joko Widodo and inaugurated by Deputy Minister I of BUMN Pahala Nugraha Mansury. Through this cooperation agreement, it is hoped that we can carry out the mandate entrusted by the Ministry of BUMN in national development and the national economy.