PT Biro Klasifikasi Indonesia (Persero) (BKI)  as the only state-owned national Classification Agency is appointed directly by the Directorate General of Sea Transportation to carry out inspection, testing and approval of container seaworthiness. This is stated in the Decree of the Director General of Sea Transportation Number KP-DJPL 549 of 2023.


Previously, BKI held 'Container Surveyor Training' for 7 days from 5 June to 11 June 2023 which was carried out by SBU Marine Services. This training invited all stakeholders to work together to increase safety awareness and implement the results of the Convention for Safe Containers (CSC). ).


During the implementation of the CSC in 1972, safety standards and container construction were determined for all types of land and sea transportation.


Referring to the results of the CSC, the Ministry of Transportation issued Minister of Transportation Regulation No. 25 of 2022 concerning the Seaworthiness of Containers and the Gross Weight of Verified Containers.



This regulation is a commitment through the Directorate General of Sea Transportation as a regulator to implement International Maritime Organization (IMO) regulations, namely CSC.


With the enactment of the Minister of Transportation's Regulation, it will provide legal certainty to container stakeholders as well as harbormasters and port operators regarding the seaworthiness of containers and Verified Gross Mass (VGM).


Through this appointment, BKI will carry out the mandate given by the Ministry of Transportation well to improve the seaworthiness and operational safety of containers in ports and ships as well as the safety of the ships themselves.