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Win The Ocean Podcast Ep.2 - Ship Recycling or Ship Closing Rules Already in Indonesia

Rules for ship recycling or ship closures already exist in Indonesia. How are these rules applied in Indonesia? Lets look at the explanation from the BKI engineer regarding this regulation.

Win the Ocean through Cooperation and Excellent Customer Service

To coincide with National Customer Day 2021, PT BKI (Persero) launched the WinThe Ocean Podcast by presenting Dr. Rudiyanto as President Director of BKI as Guest Star! Curious about how BKI defines cooperation and excellent service for all its partners? Check it out and don't forget to like, subscribe, and share! We Win The Ocean!

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Kapal Berbahan Plastik Solusi Permasalahan Lingkungan

Tingginya dampak negatif dari permasalahan lingkungan memberikan kekhawatiran terhadap banyak pihak. Berbagai industri berupaya mencari solusi untuk mengatasi masalah lingkungan. Saat ini di dunia maritim telah mengembangkan inovasi yaitu pembuatan kapal berbahan plastik (HDPE). Mengapa plastik dipilih menjadi material pembuatan kapal?

Net Zero Emission Steps to Save the Earth

Climate change that is increasingly difficult to predict is due to the impact of the greenhouse effect. This happens because the emissions released by various industries are too high. For this reason, it is necessary to have a policy that can overcome this issue. Currently, governments globally are trying to implement the Net Zero Emission program. Can Net Zero Emission be realized? Let's check this out!

Win The Ocean Podcast Ep 6 - Unmanned Ship, Could It Be?

Technological advances due to industry 4.0 have an impact on several industries. One of them is the maritime industry. Currently innovators and investors are developing autonomous ships, is it possible to realize? Let's check this video!

Win The Ocean Podcast Ep 5 – Amankan Dunia Maritim Dari Kejahatan Siber

Most international trade is carried out by sea. The maritime industry is vulnerable to cybercrime, so it is important to implement cyber security because the global economy is very dependent on the sea. For more information, see the following video