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Tahun 2019
Hatchcoverless General Cargo ships is designed to carry exposed cargo while operating due to certain reason. IMO was disseminated the Interim Guidelines for Open-Top Containership by IMO MSC/Circular. 608/rev.1 provided a set of requirement for the design of Open-top Containership. In these Interim guidelines one of the requirement set is related to the stability of the ship in all conditions, intact and damage. Furthermore, in general, the application of these interim guidelines is intended for this type of ship that operate in unrestricted service navigation. The Hatchcoverless General Cargo ship have the same typical design with Open-top Containership, while one or more of the cargo holds need not be fitted with hatch covers. Since, the intended application is generally for unrestricted service navigation, it becomes questionable if applied in restricted service navigation, e.g. river sea service navigation. This work will assess the Hatchcoverless General Cargo ship that has river sea service navigation. This study is working on stability analysis of this chosen type of ship. A sample model was tested by numerical method in intact and damage condition. Dynamic roll response was captured to check allowable downflooding point. The result confirmed and compared with the references regulation. The results found that the model fullfilled criteria in Intact condition, but for flooded cargo hold condition showed an inapropiate result. Furthermore, assessment for this type of ship should be reviews against the damage case.

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