Wealth Official State Report

Wealth Official State Report

As a form of compliance and adherence based on the principle of transparency in accordance with the Regulation of the Corruption Eradication Commission of the Republic of Indonesia. 07 Year 2016 dated May 31, 2016 Regarding the Procedure of registration, announcement and inspection of assets of State Administration.

Then all the Directors, echelon 1 and 2 officials in the Environment PT. The INS Indonesia (Persero) Classification Bureau has reported the Assets according to the Guidelines of the State Asset Management Report System (LHKPN) in accordance with the Decree of the Board of Directors of DU. 073 / UM.209? KI-17 dated May 30, 2017.

And in accordance with the Circular Letter of State Minister of SOEs no. SE-05 / MBU / 2013 concerning clean SOEs Roadmap of all irregularities and / or fraud actions that lead to or related to Corruption, Collusion and Nepotism, with LHKPN Reporting Conduct expected that the above can be realized.

To facilitate its supervision, a Team of State Administration Assets Management Unit (LHKPN) has been established according to Decree of Directors Number DU.068 / KP.008 / KI-17 dated May 10, 2017.

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