Board Of Commissioner

Board Of Commissioner

Sukatno - President Commissioner

Sukatno (Born in Ponorogo, April 17, 1955) is a retired navy of Rear Admiral (Laksda) graduated from Naval Academy ALL (1981). In addition, he attended several military education and trainings, including SUS BMT (1984), SELAPA (1985), DIKPA INTELMAR (1994), and SESKOAL (1995/1996). His military experience record is supported by various tasks in military equipment maintenance (HARKAN), intelligence (INTELPAM), and inspectorate. He was also a lecturer in National Resilience Institute (Lemhannas), lecturing the security and defense issues. Before joining BKI, he has non-military record as Executive Vice President for Security Affairs at Indonesian Railway Company PT KAI (Persero).


Faisal Ahmad - Commissioner

Faisal Ahmad (Born in Banda Aceh, 27 November 1969) begin his career at Ministry of State Own Enterprises in 1994. He earned Master Degree in Management from Bhayangkara University in 2008 following his Bachelor Degree in Economics from Pancasila University in 1994. He attended several education and training such as Appraisal, Finance and Banking Course, Financial Accounting and Marketing Course, Executive Development Program in Manufacture Financial Management Course of PPM Jakarta and Project Financing Course of Prasetya Mulya, Jakarta. Faisal Ahmad is now holding position as Strategic Industry Business Section Head of Ministry of State Owned Enterprise and he joined BKI as Commissioner since 2014.

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