Job Vancancy on Classification Field

Job Vancancy on Classification Field

Join with Us! Build the career in Classification Field that offered dynamic work environment and challenge to serve and help BKI customer to improve safety and reliability maritime infrastructure. We understand that employees are the most valuable asset, because the skills, knowledge and attitudes resulting from a qualified human resource development program will be able to uphold BKI's reputation to the world classification body.

Ensure yourself into one of the candidates we are looking for!

Current Job Vacancy:

No. Job Position Person(s) Needed Working Unit Vacancy Position Code
1. Operasional Administration 2 Persons Tg. Priok Class Main Branch ADOP-TP
2. Finance Administration 1 Person Tg. Priok Class Main Branch ADKU-TP
3. Operasional Administration 1 Person Pekanbaru Class Middle Class ADOP-PK
4. Operasional Administration 1 Person Bitung Class Branch ADOP-BT
5. Finance Administration 1 Person Bitung Class Branch ADKU-BT
6. Inspector 1 Person Ambon Class Branch INS-AB
7. UT Inspector 2 Persons Sorong Class Branch INSUT-SR
8. NDT Inspektor 1 Person Sorong Class Branch INSND-SR
9. Electrical Inspektor 1 Person Sorong Class Branch INSLS-SR
10. Operational & Finance Administration 1 Person Sorong Class Branch ADOK-SR

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