Tagulandang – Tagulandang Port waters all of a sudden became the center of attention after this afternoon at 16:23 Mid Indonesian Time, KM Bunga Melati XV owned by PT Sari Apena Surabaya carrying 2,400 tons of cement sank.

The ship's Master name known as Henkie Passandara with total 17 men of officers and crews.

The incident chronology began at 07.30 MIT when the KM Bunga Melati approaching Tagulandang port, yet along her way, particularly off the Berangka Pehe village, KM Bunga Melati across the rocks to run aground.

At 15:00 MIT, the ship's Master forced the her to get out of the rocks and succeeded.

However, the lower left fore of KM Bunga Melati XV suffered damage and breached.

In the course of approaching Tagulandang pier, when entering the port, the ship's engine suddenly stop working and the water slowly ingress the ship and caused her sunk as water already meets the hull.

There were no fatalities in this incident and until the news was released, the ship’s Master and crews were still at the Tagulandang Harbor Master office. **


Retold from: http://beritamanado.com/kapal-bermuatan-semen-tenggelam-di-perairan-tagulandang/