It is been almost two week after the Thorco Cloud sank in following a collision in Singapore Strait and the rescue team still has not got any sign of six missing seafarers.  

MV Thorco Cloud reported sank on the evening of 16 December after she collided with the chemical tanker Stolt Commitment in Indonesiann waters. Six crew were able to rescue while six other remain missing. 

Thorco statement said that they were sorry to report that they have not got anything new about the six still missing crew and a search, and rescue effort are still ongoing in the suspected area. 

Thorco also concern about family members of six missing crew which gathered at Marlow, the ship crew agency in Manila. The six surviving crew members also reported gathered at Marlow for internal debriefing. 

The initial underwater diving survey found the ship wrecks lie on the seabed in two pieces apart in about 1.600 m. 

Thorco added that a wreckage and bunker salvage plan is being set up while site scanning and ROV investigation report are also expected to be completed soon. **